Delivery Time

We dont have everything on stock in our shop.

You can see the expected delivery times by every product.

Levertijd ca 2 wekenDelivery time approx.10-14 days

Levertijd ca 8-10 dagenDelivery time approx. 8-10 days

Levertijd ca 5-7 dagenDelivery time approx. 5-7 days

Levertijd ca 3-4 dagenDelivery time approx. 4-5 days

Levertijd ca 1-2 dagenDelivery time approx.2-3 days

If an article isn`t in stock by us and/or our supplier, we show a deliverable from date by the product.

We can proudly say, that most articles are delivered within 1 week,except the 8-10 en 10-14 days delivery time articles.

If you want to know if we have your article in stock in our shop, please call and/or send us an email.

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